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Twyford Support is a provider of mental health support and accommodation. They are a new start-up company, launched in late 2018. The founder is a pharmacist with extensive experience in the medical industry but in need of substantial assistance in the branding, website design and marketing aspects of launching a new business. We worked closely with the founder to create a brand & website that encapsulated his vision for the company.


Healthcare can be a difficult sector for a new business to break into because reputation is everything. The staff at Twyford Support each individually had great reputations in their chosen professions, but the business itself was new. Our challenge was clear; create a brand that reflected the outstanding quality their service had to offer and a website that was both visually appealing and technically proficient. We began by heavily researching the industry as a whole, looking for the commonalities between the successful firms and the shortcomings that we could improve upon.


From our research it was quickly apparent that whilst competitors had long-standing reputations, their branding felt dated and their websites were slow, clunky and did not rank well on search engines; here lay the route to market. We decided upon a flat design for the logo that would compliment a clean website structure, built for simplicity and performance rather than glitz and glamour. This mirrored the tone of the best performers in the industry and allowed us to make fast gains on Google’s search results achieving 1st page within 8 weeks of the website being built.


” I was blown away by the level of detail Peter and his team put in our website and overall branding. Absolutely chuffed with the results and would recommend to anyone. “

Asjid, Twyford Support


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